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Founder & CTO

Amnon Asscher is an experienced aeronautical engineer

CAD software expert and experienced manager of CAD, PDM and QA departments in high tech industry. Having worked in the Israel Aircraft Industries, Israel Shipyards, high-tech industry he has devoted 15 years to lecturing programming, robotics, astrophysics and technology of sailing.
He invented the patented technology of Nayam Wings unique wing sails and earned a grant from the Chief Scientist office of the Israel Energy Department to develop his invention. He is dedicated to bringing his revolutionary technology idea to the real maritime world.

An experienced sailor (sailed in the Mediterranean and the Pacific Ocean), Amnon holds a B.Sc in aeronautical and space engineering from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology (IIT) and furthered his studies in the field of software engineering.

He loves outdoors, sports and art activities and enjoys raising his twin sons who's names - Yanay and Maayan - compose the company's name: NAYAM

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Saar Carmeli


Capt. Navy (Res.) Saar Carmeli

Strategic and Business Development Consultant for Government Ministries,

Governmental and Private sectors. 

27 years of military experience (22 years in the INavy - operational service and five years in senior finance positions at the IDF HQ)

M.B.A. for Executives

B.A in Economics and Business Administration

Both from Haifa University

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Avishay Parker

COO & Business development

Commander Navy (Res.) Avishay Parker

Strategic planning and business development. 

Consulting to the ministry of defense and private sectors.

26 years of military experience in the INavy (8 years – operational service and 18 years in planning and financial positions)

M.B.A. specialization in Finance

B.Sc. Industry and Management 

Both from Ben-Gurion University

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Advisory Board



Mr. Yedidya Yaari

Mr. Yaari was the commander of the Israeli Navy from 2000 to 2004 (rank - Major General). After Yaari retired from the Israeli Navy he became CEO of Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.

Since 2016, Mr. Yaari has been involved as a partner in several groundbreaking ventures.

Prof. Dr. Orestis Schinas.jpg

Prof. Dr. Orestis Schinas

Associate Professor

Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport

University of the Aegean


Orestis specializes in ship financing and the greening of maritime transport. With extensive experience in the maritime and logistics industry, he has provided his services to both private and public entities in Europe and the GCC, as well as to international organizations.

Orestis' academic work primarily centers on the commercial and financial aspects of maritime ventures, while he maintains a strong interest in sustainable business development.


Technical Experts
Idan Avni.jpg

Mr. Idan Avni


B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Ben Gurion.

MSE in Naval Architect & Marine Engineering - University of Michigan USA.

Graduate of the Naval Officers course (Engine).

Retired Commander in the Israeli Navy.

Served in various technical command positions in the Navy, Commander of the Marine Engineering branch and the Haifa Base Technical Shop.

Graduate of the Naval Officers Training Course and Advanced Command Courses.


At present, Head of the MH&E Dept. at The Authority for Marine Training and Education

Ron Zolti.jpg

Mr. Ron Zolti


B.Sc. Math & Computer Science from Tel-Aviv University.

Embedded, Real-Time Systems.

Applications and Algorithms (POC)

Consultant and Sub-contractor.

Programmer and Team-Leader.

Participated in the 'Bereshit' Israeli space + additional

hi-tech oriented entrepreneurship programs.

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